Capturing a Memory

I have been sketching and painting on my travels for most of my life. These journal sketches record the magic of the places I have visited. I like to use lake, river, or ocean water from the locale where I am painting and sometimes the local wine or beer. That puts a little of the place into the painting. When I look at these works they transport me to the moment I painted the scene. My paintings bring to life the memory of the place, the light, the colors, and the people I was with at the time. I paint to experience life and to share it with others. I offer my special style of story telling through watercolors as commissioned art, originals, and prints.

I would love to help you capture a memory in a commissioned painting. There are examples in the Works section of this website of commissioned art given as gifts, rememberances of a special place, celebrations of weddings, or beloved pets. Please contact me to explore how we can work together.

I offer archival giclee prints on watercolor paper and canvas for purchase through Fine Arts Marketplace website link provided on select art pieces on my website.

I hope you enjoy my art and decide to contact me to commission that special memory or purchase an archival print.

Be happy!

Member American Society of Marine Artists

Member Georgia Watercolor Society

Shown at Wild Hope Art Gallery



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