Capturing a Memory

I have been sketching and painting with watercolors during my travels for most of my life. These journal paintings and journal sketches record the magic of places visited. The stories I tell in my art celebrates the beauty and majesty of nature and the nobleness of the work of man. It depicts natural and man-built treasures we must protect for future generations. I strive to offer the viewer an experience of fond memories and dreams of  places not yet experienced that add beauty and joy to their day.

A commissioned watercolor of a favorite place can bring back the vivid memories of the place, the light, the colors, the people you were with, and the occasion for being there. My painting can bring that memory back to life for you to enjoy for years to come. Some people find my originals of places they have visited can do the same thing. Whether you choose one of my originals or giclee prints or ask me to paint your favorite memory, I know my art will bring a fond memory to life for you and your family. I would be honored to work with you.

I hope you enjoy my art and decide to contact me to commission that special memory or purchase an original or an archival print.

Be happy!


Member American Society of Marine Artists

Member Georgia Watercolor Society

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